Watching ABC during the Spectrum Disney blackout

How you can watch the LSU vs FSU game on TV during the Spectrum and Disney blackout

One of the biggest stories in the television industry right now is the battle between Charter Spectrum and Disney over carriage rights ahead of one of the biggest sports weekends of the year. The opening weekend of College Football action which will feature major contests on ABC and ESPN.

Spectrum blacked out those networks last night when the two reached an impasse. Disney is asking for more money.

This blackout will include ABC, and one of the biggest games of the weekend taking place from right here in Orlando where this blog is published (until the unfair rent forces me to leave again) featuring the Florida State Seminoles taking on the LSU Tigers from Camping World Stadium.

Now, if you don’t have Spectrum. You should be fine.

But even if you do have Spectrum, you could also be fine.

This is because most ABC affiliates are broadcasted over the air.

That’s right. You can pick it up with either your built in tuner or an old school antenna that plugs into the coaxial port.

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Just have your TV do a scan of available channels and ABC should come in. If you’re using an antenna you might have to spin the ears around a bit until you get a good signal. And you should check to see if you can pick it up from where every your house is first.

Unfortunately, you still can’t pick up ESPN. That means you’ll be out of luck when the NFL season starts up next weekend.

So, we’ll still hope that the two sides can get this sorted out sooner than later.

Happy viewing!

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