Dion Sanders coaches Travis Hunter along with his sons at Colorado

College Football: Fans are already saying Travis Hunter should win the Heisman after Colorado victory over TCU

The Colorado Buffaloes lead by Coach “Prime” Deion Sanders pulled off an incredible 45-42 upset of the 17th rank TCU Horned Frogs on Saturday afternoon, sending the hype for the Big 12 upstarts into overdrive.

While Sanders will likely take his position, front and center, in the headlines, it was Travis Hunter that was the subject of the highest praise after the victory.

Fans and College Football observers are already saying he’s going to win the Heisman Trophy..

Let’s go to social media..

It also helped that Sanders said “He is him” about Hunter during his halftime interview and declared that if they hadn’t missed him on two earlier deep balls, that he would have the trophy with him already.

What do you think “He is him” regarding Travis Hunter? Is the week one favorite for the award? Let me know in the comments below.

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