Lee Corso age on College Gameday

ESPN: College Gameday Fans universally celebrate Lee Corso but share aging concerns

College Gameday is the way most of us choose to start our football Saturdays (unless,you’re a Spectrum subscriber, more on that HERE) and an important part of College Gameday is the legendary Lee Corso.

The 88 year old Corso is onboard again for the season, and while you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that isn’t happy to see him, there are some concerns that Father Time might be politely tapping him on the shoulder.


Social media was so vocal about Corso that he was trending #2 on Saturday morning only behind the death of musical legend Jimmy Buffett.

Have a look…


Age and sports commentary have always led to controversy because there isn’t always uniformity. NBA commentator Hubie Brown does highly regarded analyst work for ESPN well into his 80s.

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