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Special Ops Lioness: Five Take Aways from the Season One Finale

The opening campaign of Special Ops Lioness is in the books with the arrival of the finale this week, and while some may say that the season was uneven at times, there is little denying that the last 20 minutes of this finale delivered the payoffs we needed to complete the story.

Here are five takeaways from the finale:

Cruz got the job done: Everyone doubted Cruz. And why not? This highly trained Marine allowed herself to almost get abducted by a date rapist, and fell in love with the daughter of the mark. But when the moment arrived, Cruz executed in a manner that we didn’t even know she was capable of, killing Aaliyah’s terrorist father and abusive fiancee in the most brutal way possible.

Cruz actually rescued Aaliyah too, for now: Aaliyah, who was nothing but sweet for the entirety of the season, was doomed to an oppressive marriage to a hateful man. And that could still happen. But Cruz offing this abusive fiancee likely bought her a couple of more years of freedom in her culture.

Joe is a great spy and a terrible wife and mother: Zoe Saldana crushed this part in the starring role. Joe got the mission done with a rookie, and set up her team for success in the face of daunting odds. They basically killed that entire security force compound. But she is a terrible mom. And a terrible mother. She’s not there. And if you’re not there you can’t be those things. We feel for her because at the end of the day, she’s a good person. But these are the way things are.

If the Morgan Freeman character had his way, this finale would have been an email: We discovered that Secretary Mullins didn’t even want Cruz to finish her mission. An ironically real display of government indecisiveness. But we’re all getting cheaper gas. That’s good.

That mall shooting line was in terrible taste and it was unneeded.

Joe is definitely tougher than Cruz: The two had it out on the deck of the boat, and while Cruz got a couple of shots in, Joe was able to lock her up. The show could have gone the other way, but it demonstrated that the student still isn’t as good as the master.

What did you think of the Special Ops Lioness finale? Let me know in the comments below!

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