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Special Ops Lioness: Five things we need to see if we get season 2

We’ve completed the first season of Special Ops: Lioness, and if you’re here you care enough to see if we’re going to get a second season of Joe, Cruz, Kyle, Kaitlyn, and the rest of the crew..

We don’t know yet. It’s too early. The first finale just dropped today. And with a cast like Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman, and Morgan Freeman in an action spy thriller, Taylor Sheridan might have to give Paramount a discount.

But if we do get a second season, here are five things we need to see…

A new Lioness, with Cruz in a different role: The Lioness is supposed to be sacrificed. Joe tells us this. Cruz succeeded in the mission and actually survived. But it doesn’t look like she’s going to do this again. Let’s bring in a new Lioness and start the arc again. Or maybe they abandon the tired family story, and a heartbroken Joe is the Lioness.

A Cruz and Aaliyah reunion: Sounds uncomfortable? It should be. What would they say to each other? I’ve argued that Cruz actually saved Aaliyah from an oppressive marriage. This could be good drama.

More linear action: The opening scene, the Texas abduction, and the closing shootout, was all solid action. But both of those ops in Texas, as well as the foiled house abduction just seemed out of place. They could go with more of a network TV, week by week story, but this cast is too accomplished for that.

Different locations: We had Syria, Texas, Spain, the Hamptons, D.C/Virginia. The last one has to stay, but lets try some different locations. Once again, this cost money but it could be worth it.

More angles with Errol Meade: This is an interesting character. The real life implications and puppetering that goes on beyond this entire mess is fascinating stuff. Paramount Plus has “Rabbit Hole” which deals with this kind of thing. In limited screen time I thought Special Ops out Rabbit holed its fellow Paramount Plus show. Its far fetched. But how about a crossover?

What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below.

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