Shannon Sharpe calls Stephen A Smith Skip

ESPN: Shannon Sharpe calls Stephen A. Smith “Skip” during First Take debut

The highly anticipated debut of Shannon Sharpe on ESPN’s First Take went down this morning, and the arrival of the Hall of Famer crossing over from enemy lines on FS1s Undisputed came with a freudian slip.

He called his new partner, Stephen A. Smith, “Skip” as in Skip Bayless. His former partner on Undisputed. And he did it a couple of times.

“And you know what, Skip?”

“Because if you think about it the Lions were picked to win that division, Skip”

Sharpe apologized saying “Its been seven years.”

And Smith was understanding saying “It’s okay. It’s okay”

The flubs did not go unnoticed on the internet with Sharpe trending number 2 on Twitter only behind the Labor Day holiday…

Over on Undisputed, Bayless was sparring with his new partners who joined him last week, Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson. You can read about his reception last week HERE

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And read about Skip’s other new partner HERE

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