WWE: What fans can take away from the new Monday Night RAW intro

Monday Night RAW debuted a new intro this week, following what has been a very busy month involving Summer Slam and Payback.

Fan speculation is always rampant when these intros tend to drop, with fantasy booking and the future of WWE superstars always being questioned.

Here are some quick conclusions that can be taken away from the new intro on Monday Night RAW..

The Judgement Day break up is either off, or will be a longer story: How the turn tables? (shoutout to another Peacock staple in Michael Scott) Judgement Day, which looked like they could be on borrowed time just a couple of weeks ago, has all of the gold, and their placement in the intro looks like they might be around for a minute before the drama returns. And Damian Priest still has the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are still the king and queen: The real life husband and wife get long looks, including the final stretch in the intro. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering it’s been a few years, but as a confirmation that they ain’t going nowhere.

No Roman Reigns: He’s still the champion. We know he doesn’t work a full schedule and we also understand we’ve got multiple brands. But still noteworthy.

Imperium, Sami and Kevin, Shayna Bazler all get multiple shots:The intro is very kind to the shows worker’s and fan favorites.

Longtimers like Trish Stratus, Natalia, and the New Day also get some time: Given she just wrestled what some believe to be one of the best Women’s Cage matches ever, more Trish is good news. And Natalia and the New Day are still placed to continue their inevitable Hall of Fame runs.

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