Ahsoka: The change she could have made that would have stopped Baylan

The newest episode of Ahsoka is out, and it’s an excellent outing that embraces Jedi vs. Sith action in a way we haven’t seen since Obi Wan early last year. It also sets the table for an emotional reunion next week.

Unfortunately for our title character and her allies, Ahsoka ultimately lost her two on two fight with Sabine against Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati, and much of the blame will go to Sabine for allowing herself to remain vulnerable against the wishes of her master. Baylan was able to use the map for its coordinates and allow Morgan to activate the hyperdrive ring to retrieve Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Heir to the Empire.

But the fault here lies with Ahsoka. I’ll explain.

It comes down to that first fight in the woods against Shin and that evil droid. Ahsoka promptly defeats the machine, who was using the buzzsaw technique that never seems to win, and then looks at Sabine and Shin fighting a short distance away.

Sabine tells her to leave to go and stop Baylan, leaving her to deal with her nemesis alone.

And Ahsoka listens. Which is wrong.

Ahsoka should have ignored Sabine and subdued Shin. This would have allowed her to defeat Baylan, while Sabine destroyed the map.

Instead, her decision would hurt her, primarily as a distraction when she sees Shin and believes that Sabine has been killed. Yes, Sabine could have destroyed the map, but then Baylan and Shin would have certainly killed her.

It was a mess. But still excellent television. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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