NFL: Fans still mourn the lost Chris Collinsworth slide, here’s why he doesn’t do it anymore

NFL TV is back, specifically on NBC, where they’re kicking off the season with the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Detroit Lions.

But fans are still wondering why NFL analyst Chris Collinsworth doesn’t slide into the frame like he used to a couple of years ago.

We’ll get to the tweets in a second, but Collinsworth has stated that he doesn’t do the slide anymore because it’s not need when working with Mike Tirico. His old partner, Al Michaels delivered an opening monologue for decades before introducing his color commentary team. This allowed Collinsworth to work his slide into the broadcast. That’s not the case with Tirico who immediately begins working with the analyst on the call for the game.

And using another phrase made famous on NBC.. The More You Know..

Let’s go to the tweets, where Collinsworth was trending in the top ten…

Do you miss the Chris Collinsworth slide? Should NBC find a way to work it back in? Let me know in the comments below.

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