Undisputed: Michael Irvin says Chiefs loss to Lions because “Batman didn’t have his Robin”

The NFL returned last night in top form with an exciting opening contest that saw the Detroit Lions upset the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs 21-20.

This morning on Undisputed on FS1, NFL Hall of Famer and analyst Michael Irvin had a coming book analogy.

“As much as I would like to give Detroit all of the credit, because they have made some great strides” he began “but the only reason they won that game last night is because Batman didn’t have his Robin. And Robin was standing on the sideline”

Irvin was of course talking about Patrick Mahomes’ Batman to Travis Kelce’s Robin. Kelce sat out the game last night after tweaking his ACL in practice on Tuesday. The Chiefs struggled to find another receive to fill his space against an aggressive Detroit Defense.

“No Travis Kelce is the way that game went the way it went.” he concluded.

Next week, the Lions will take on the Seattle Sehawks, while the Kansas City Chiefs play against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a playoff rematch from last year.

You can watch the spot below..

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