National Suicide Prevention Week is an important time to check in on our veterans

As most of us settle in to enjoy the first week of NFL action, take just a moment to check in on everyone around you. Especially if they’re going through some hard times.

Also check in on any veterans struggling around you. And you might have to go looking for them.

This is because my brothers and sisters are especially proud. They don’t have a blog or Tik Tok account like myself that constantly tells you what they’re watching on TV, or what they think about the world around them.

They’re not always going to come asking for help. We think about the way things used to be when we were in the service. Many of us were young, in the best shape of our lives, and ready to take on the planet to defend the country we loved at any given moment.

But eventually all of us have to walk away. And when we do we close the book on what will be the most honorable time spent on this earth.

Many of you know that I’ve struggled and lost everything in recent years. I can’t even live in my own hometown anymore The last two paragraphs? That’s me.

Still, I keep going because I have a family that loves me. And I have a group of remarkable friends that inspire me to keep pushing forward.

A lot of veterans are going through it alone. And resources aren’t always easy to find.

So, be the resource. It takes five minutes. They’ll be happy to hear from you.

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