What We Do In The Shadows: Scene Appreciation of the “Mall”

There are about 12 scene appreciations that I could do regarding this season of “What We Do In The Shadows” but the season premiere had Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, and Nadja doll all traversing a modern mall, with some of the funniest dialog of the campaign. In case you want to read the best lines from this episode you can check that out HERE.

When the vamps quickly tire of Guillermo’s birthday they head home, but go from vampire to bat back to vampire when they hear Guillermo mention that he’s stopping by the mall. The episode then turns into an impromptu field trip.

Nandor thought the entire concept of a mall was made up by an insane child.

“It is rising!” Nandor proclaims observing a mall elevator for the first time in center court. Of course Guillermo is trying to conceal that he’s not a vampire while trying to get a new pair of glasses. The purpose of the entire trip.

The group promptly ignores his wishes to stay put and begins exploring.

Nandor heads into what is clearly a Spencer’s Gifts knockoff where he’s greeted by an employee. There are some online that say she’s actually wearing a shirt of Nandor. What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Nandor hypnotizes the clerk to accept meaningless coupons for a “Shrek yourself before you wreck yourself” shirt.

The dialog with Nadja and the doll at the fake Build A Bear store was so dirty I didn’t want to include it in my quotes. Except for “rainbow sombrero for sure”, but it was funny TV.

Laszlo probably gives his most interesting dialog of the season walking through the mall trying to spy on Guillermo issuing fake descriptions of the stores based strictly on their name. Showrunners really let him talk this year, except for “The Roast” when he didn’t talk at all.

And then the entire thing wraps in hilarious fashion with Nandor on the carousel riding with what he believes to be his long lost horse, Jahan, into battle shouting “Prepare to be pillaged!”

I appreciate this scene because this is one of those “kid in a candy store” opportunities. They probably could have done the entire 22 minutes in the mall and we didn’t even get to see Colin Robinson play or the group in an actual candy store.

Great, great comedy.

You can watch the scene below.

And if you want more What We Do In The Shadows content to tide you over until next season, help out the blog below.


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