Get Up: “Jesus Christ wouldn’t have played well for the Bears at quarterback yesterday” explains Dan Orlovksy

The Chicago Bears suffered one of the worst losses in the league on Sunday afternoon, allowing their rival Green Bay Packers to kick off the Jordan Love era with an important 38-20 victory on opening weekend.

And the sports talkers haven’t been shy about pointing out their mistakes, even going so far as to say that our Lord and savior could not have delivered victory for the team under center at Soldier Field on Sunday afternoon.

“No one… No one.. Was going to play good at quarterback for the Chicago Bears.” began former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky on ESPN’s Get Up Monday morning “Jesus Christ wasn’t going to play well at quarterback for the Chicago Bears yesterday”

Orlovsky proceeded that second quote by pointing out that he was not absolving Bears QB Justin Fields of his performance and adding that Chicago had only 6 points and two turnovers in their first seven possessions.

Former NFL coach Rex Ryan who’s father Buddy Ryan led the historic 85′ Bears defense called them the “Bad News Bears”.

Former player and Inside the NFL Host, Ryan Clarke compared them to someone who found out they had to go somewhere at the last minute and had to throw their outfit together.

You can watch the spot below..

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  1. That was a very insensitive comment! To say Jesus Christ wouldn’t have played well? Wtf was he thinking that he cab say this. I for one as a Christian was very offended. I guarantee you had he said the profet Mohammed wouldn’t have played well, he would have been suspended for those comments.

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