ESPN: Zach Wilson alternative talk stresses out “Get Up” Panel

The season ending injury to New York Jets quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, continues to be the talk of the morning sports talkers, as panels on multiple networks continue to debate if the New York Jets should stay with back up and once overall #2 pick Zach Wilson, or go looking for a potential alternative.

And this morning the lack of viable options, combined with the sense of urgency for the Jet to take advantage of their Super Bowl window, almost gave the entire panel on “Get Up” an anxiety attack on Wednesday morning.

We began with Marcus Spears brushing off rumors of a Tom Brady return before pointing at Taylor Heinicke and Matthew Stafford as potential replacements. Kimberly A. Martin encouraged the Jets to make Zach Wilson work, which upset long suffering Jets fan, Mike Greenberg, who strenuously rejected the idea. Spears then began crumpling papers and covering his head, before citing the failed Trey Lance experiment in San Francisco.

“There is no easy fix for this.” said Martin.

Sal Palantonio brought up Super Bowl Champion Nick Foles before being overruled by the group, who cited his more recent work in Chicago.

Greenberg then brought up Mike White enthusiasm from last year and the panel kept going downhill from there.

It was a mess. And probably the most fun on sports TV this morning. You can watch below…

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