The Other Black Girl: Here is where you recognize Richard and Colin from

The Other Black Girl dropped on Hulu this week, and while most of us were trying to focus in on the very odd events taking place at Wagner Books with our protagonist, Nella. There may have been some other familiar faces that you might be trying to remember.

And that’s why you’re here.

Let’s start with the boss, Richard Wagner. Yeah, he’s got gray hair but you know that eye line because you’ve been watching it for decades. That would be Erick McCormack, or Will from Will and Grace. And we all remember the celebrated sitcom that ran for over 200 episodes during the peak of “Must See TV” on NBC Thursdays. You probably found it between “Friends” and “Just Shoot Me”.

Then there is Colin. The famous but problematic author who keeps the lights on. This one isn’t as hard because his NBC hit program ended in the 2010s and is still one of the most streamed shows available today. I’m talking about Kevin Malone himself. Brian Baumgartner. Our lovable buffoon from “The Office” which ran for almost 200 episodes. Hearing him speak in coherent clear sentences still kind of throws me off.

Did you recognize these two actors? Let me know in the comments below.

And checkout another recent Hulu project that may have had some references that went over your head. I’m talking about “Miguel Wants to Fight” HERE

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