Trivia: Current Events Questions for 9/14/23 (10 Questions)

Number of Questions: 10
Degree of Difficulty: Easy to Hard
These are current events questions involving pop culture, sports, politics, and business.

1. This legendary “Bye Bye Bye” pop group recently reunited at the MTV Video Music Awards.


2. This longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback was injured in his debut with the New York Jets after just four plays.

Aaron Rodgers (Bonus point. Name the player that replaced him and won the game. Zach Wilson).


3. This Apple TV show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon just recently launched its third season.

The Morning Show

4. This former GOP presidential candidate turned Utah Senator recently announced he would not be seeking reelection.

Mitt Romney

5. This teenager just won her first Tennis Grand Slam at the U.S open.

Coco Gauff

6. Apple is preparing to release a new Iphone that will for the first time use this popular charging port.


7. Who is the country music superstar that is once again singing the opening theme for Sunday Night Football this season?

Carrie Underwood

8. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has recently met with Russian Leader Vladamir Putin. Name the former NBA player nicknamed “The Worm” who claims to have a strong relationship with Kim Jong Un.

Dennis Rodman


9. As Yellowstone prepares to debut on network television, this “Dances with Wolves” star has announced that he will be leaving the show.

Kevin Costner

10. As “A Haunting in Venice” hits theaters this weekend, name another of Kenneth Brannagh’s Agatha Christie films in which he plays sleuth Hercule Poirot (Her-Cule Poy-ro).

Death on the Nile, Murder on the Orient Express

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