WWE Smackdown: Why the audio kept cutting out during the return of The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returned to WWE television on Friday night, receiving the loudest pop you’ll hear on wrestling TV this year when he walked out unannounced on Smackdown in Boulder, Colorado.

But when he began his promo with Austin Theory and Pat McAfee, the audio began cutting out. You may have noticed it.

The reason the audio was cut out during this highly anticipated return was because of profanity that violates FCC rules.

Those words cost money

You can’t say a** hole on television. No matter how much The Rock tells you it’s okay.

What threw many off was the fact that FOX and the WWE cut off all of the audio for large amounts of time. Making it a silent broadcast during certain periods when the crowd started shouting a** hole at the instruction of the global superstar.


Why was Dwayne Johnson in Denver?

There were also a lot of people asking questions online as to why Dwayne Johnson was in Denver to begin with. The Rock didn’t elaborate as to why he was in town. McAfee was visiting Colorado because his other gig on ESPN College Gameday is taking place in Boulder this weekend, as “Coach Prime” Deion Sanders, and his Colorado Buffaloes take on Colorado St. The team has been a television sensation since Sanders has taken over, with a nationally televised game each week during the beginning of the season.

The speculation as to Johnson’s presence in Colorado had some younger fans wondering if he attended the University of Colorado. That would be inaccurate. Johnson attended the University of Miami, where he played college football. That part of his life was also covered on “Young Rock” which ran for three seasons on NBC. Also televised on Friday night.

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