Its time to finally build a home for veterans in the North Country

If you’ve even been to the north country in upstate New York, you understand that it can be a very beautiful place, and the scenery and wildlife you can observe while traveling is wonderful.

But when the winters arrive, there are few environments that are as unforgiving as those north country winters. We get “white outs” where the snow makes it almost impossible to see, let alone drive, and that makes it very hard to get around.

Which is why I was suprised to learn that the north country doesn’t have a veterans home north of Binghampton (story HERE). Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the territory, Binghampton is a long way from areas like Watertown where Fort Drum is located. I had the pleasure of serving there during my military career. It’s a hike.

And I understand that as our veterans advance in age that it’s not going to be easy for them to get around in those conditions. Heck, driving around the north country can be difficult for anyone depending on the day.

It’s time to build that home.

Not only is the demand for the home there with 20,000 veterans already in the area, its dangerous to not have a closer facility.

The situation in the north country isn’t entirely unlike what we see in rural areas in other parts of the country. It’s about making sure that our brothers and sisters can get care when they need it.

And that’s certainly the case in the north country, where a home is overdue. It’s time to fill this need and ensure we’re giving our veterans everything they need. No matter where they are.

If you live in New York, call your state elected officials and tell them to help our veterans in the north country. Build the home.

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