More investigation is needed regarding VA health records found in Rutherford County home

Troubling news out Rutherford County, Tennessee, where a woman found a batch of VA medical records in her private home (story HERE).

The records, which were believed to have been brought to the home by an employee at the Tennessee Valley VA contained the names, addresses, social security numbers, and medical conditions of about 600 veterans. Many of them sick and some may have already passed.

And when she tried to report the records, the VA medical center wouldn’t take her seriously. She had to call the media for help. And even after reporters called the facility, we didn’t get any answers beyond a prepared statement.

The records have been passed on to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. They should look into this.

This is the second time I’ve written about military medical records today (story HERE). It can’t be understated how important this information is.

And in this particular case we have to discover what kind of damage was done? Damage aside from the risk of identity theft.

If these veterans were missing their records, how far back was their treatment set back? Did they miss appointments? Was their medication off? Did this impair their ability to get care at all?

Then of course, we have to figure out how those records were allowed to leave to begin with. Unfortunately I’ve got experience dealing with records (story HERE). The chain of custody is everything. If we can’t account for the records, then we’re not doing a very good job of managing them.

Hopefully, we can get some answers.

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