VA Health should share hiring success strategies with other veteran agencies

The Veterans Health Administration told reporters this week that they have already met their goal of hiring 52,000 new employees, and there is still a month left in the fiscal year (story HERE).

This is important for you and I for obvious reasons. More people in the clinic and behind the desk means we’re not as likely to have to wait for important medical care as we were before. And this follows a pandemic where all of us were facing tough conditions in finding care. Depending on where you’re reading this, the wait might still be too long.

But we can’t sigh in relief. That’s the federal agency. There are a lot of state level and local veterans agencies that you may be having difficulties with because they’re short staffed. Its possible that hiring practices haven’t improved inside their organizations.

Which is why the VHA needs to share their aggressive hiring practices. What have they been doing to so rapidly meet their goals? And how can that translate to success with our state and local resources?

Could you imagine all levels of veterans care being properly staffed across the country?

We wouldn’t have to worry about the residents in our state homes getting the care they need in their later years.

We could finally start processing claims at a faster rate, and delivering the benefits that our veterans earned with their service.

And in our neighborhoods, veterans experiencing housing difficulties might be able to get the help they need before they hit the street. I’ve felt this strain personally.

All of this is easier said than done I suppose. But it’s a goal we should all be striving for.

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