Current Events Trivia for 9/23/23 (10 Questions easy to hard)

Here is your current events trivia for the last week. We’ve got a little of everything. Don’t forget to check out my Expendables 4 trivia HERE.

Here we go..

1) Monday Night Football recently premiered a new opening theme, featuring country music star Chris Stapleton and this famous rapper and canine named, Corona beer spokesperson

Answer: Snoop Dogg

2) Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner recently split from pop singer Joe Jonas. Who was the even bigger “Blank Space” musical star she was spotted out on the town with recently?

Answer: Taylor Swift

3) The second presidential debate of the cycle is approaching ahead of this first contest early next year, which is a caucus in this Hawkeye state?

Answer: Iowa

4) On TV, Peacock recently premiered “The Continental” a series based in the same universe as this over the top, dog loving, professional killer.

Answer: John Wick

5) An F35 worth 80 million dollars recently went missing in the Carolinas. What is an F35?

Answer: A fighter jet, An airplane, A stealth jet, or similar terms acceptable.

6) The trailer for “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” premiered this week, which is a prequel to this movie franchise starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Answer: The Hunger Games.

7) Workers from this transportation centric industry are currently striking in Michigan

Answer: The auto or car industry.

8) “Yellowstone” and “Dances with Wolves” star Kevin Costner recently hosted the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex at a fundraiser for first responders. What are the first names of the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex?

Answer: Harry and Meghan

9) Joe Buck and Troy Aikman recently became the longest running broadcast team of this professional sports league.

Answer: NFL Football (must specify NFL)

10) As the fall season arrives, this popular flavor will make its way into your coffee, pancakes, and now even pizza.

Answer: Pumpkin spice (ed)

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