ESPN: Stephen A. says Milwaukee Bucks a top 3 NBA team after Damian Lillard trade

The NBA community is still examining the potential effects of the blockbuster trade that saw future Hall of Famer, Damian Lillard, traded to the Milwaukee Bucks to join Giannis Antetokounmpo after a long tenure with the Portland Trail Blazers.

This trade led the Thursday morning sports talkers, including First Take on ESPN where show host and NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith had this to say..


“I got to tell you something right now that there is no doubt that it appears to be a perfect fit.” he began and continued “You can’t argue that this is an ideal fit that catapults the Milwaukee Bucks into being a top two team in the Eastern Conference and a top three team in all of the NBA.”

NBA analyst Brian Windhorst agreed saying that the “Bucks brought in one of the best scorers of our time.”

The Bucks already won a championship in 2021. They’ll be expected to compete for the Eastern Conference title against the Boston Celtic and the Miami Heat. Lillard had hinted that he might have been interested in joining the Heat after his celebrated stay in Portland.

In the western conference the Phoenix Suns, who were also part of the three team trade with the Blazers and Bucks, will be expected to contend against the Denver Nugget in the Western Conference.

“What makes him most lethal is that he’s a closer” said Smith later in the segment. The NBA season is scheduled to start in a little less than a month on October 24th.

You can watch the segment below..

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