The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained 9/28/23: Tragic Kingdom, Chips, and Spiderman

Your The Dozen Daily Trivia quiz was just plain tough today. There were probably some answers you were completely clueless on and that’s okay. It was not an easy morning for a lot of us.

How did you, Frank?: Had to double dip and I still missed three.

The week is slipping away. Let’s not waste anymore time!

Subject: NFL

“In Week 17 of the 2011-2012 season, what Packers backup QB set franchise records by throwing for 6 TD’s and 480 yards in a 45-41 win against the Lions?”

Answer: Matt Flynn

Explanation: I”m a Packers fan and will be rooting for them tonight against the Lions. But good luck if you’re not familiar with the team from Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin.


Subject; College Football

“Jared Goff became the #1 overall pick after being a three-year starter at what Pac-12 school from 2013-2015?”

Answer: California (Berkeley) or Cal

Explanation: The tough part might have been finding the school in the answer selection. A lot of schools in California and they all sound the same.

Subject: College Basketball

“Along with winning a National Title as a Freshman, Gerry McNamara played at what school from 2002-2006, ranking Top 5 in school history for Points, Assists, and Steals?”

Answer: Syracuse

Explanation: I got it wrong. If you ask me about Cuse in the early 2000s I’m going to guess Carmelo Anthony

Subject: Geography

After Alaska, Texas, and California, the largest U.S. state by total area is this state in the Mountain Time Zone.

Answer: Montana

Explanation: I watch Yellowstone.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Steve Carell and Pink

Explanation: Got it half wrong again; Got Pink right but no way I could see Michael Scott in what was outside the face. Tough mashup.

Subject: Snacks and Candy

Most known for their kettle-cooked potato chips, this brand of chips is typically packaged in white bags with a lighthouse as part of its logo.

Answer: Cape Cod Potato Chips

Explanation: Got it wrong. I could see the bag in my head but couldn’t put it together. Oh well.

Subject: Televison

Known for playing Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Alfonso Ribeiro is currently one of the hosts for what long-running network reality competitor series?

Answer: Dancing with the Stars

Explanation: This blog covers Dancing with the Stars. Read about this week’s episode HERE

Subject: Movies

“What actor had a massive breakout role playing Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin in the 2010 film The Social Network?”

Answer: Andrew Garfield

Explanation: Garfield is a Spiderman, and that’s because he crushes his performance here. Excellent film.

Subject: Music

What band released the 1995 album Tragic Kingdom featuring songs such as: “Don’t Speak”, “Just a Girl”, and “Spiderwebs”?

Answer: No Doubt

Explanation: The introduction of Gwen Stefani into the world. Great CD. They had a truly unique sound.

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