Bachelor in Paradise: Examining Brayden’s unexpected ‘face’ turn

Heel: A wrestling term for a villain or villainous change in behavior
ex: “Bob went heel when he hit Tom with a chair”

‘Face’ or Babyface: A wrestling term for a good guy or heroic change in behavior. ex “Tom went face when he save Jane from Bob”

When Aaron B. and Sean arrived on the beach during the beginning of the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, I warmed up my computer. This was going to be solid reality television.


This is because I knew that their mortal enemy from the Charity Lawson season of The Bachelorette would be joining them.

I’m talking about the “Accessory King” or “Lord of the Earrings” Brayden.

Aaron and Sean (who Brayden once compared to Prince Charming from Shrek, that post HERE) even began hyping up his arrival. There was going to be a continuation of the feud right here on the beach in front of all these beautiful women. We were going to have a multi seasonal rumble right here in Paradise!

But Brayden showed up, greeted the gentlemen who verbally force pushed him out of the mansion a couple of months ago, and was polite for the remainder of the episode.


He actually went beyond that. He hit it off with Cat. And the two opposite personalities hit if off really well. They might be the most likable couple on the beach right now.

And all this while Bachelornation counts the days until Will gets retribution for what he did to Olivia (story HERE).

This didn’t turn out the way we thought it was going to.

Is this going to continue? I don’t know. Possibly.

Paradise is a more social environment. While survival was in Charity’s hands during the Bachelorette, Brayden has more space to work here. It might not even last that long with Cat. Remember he was sitting next to Rachel at the After The Final Rose special.

Good reality television.

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