Bachelor in Paradise: Ranking who’s at fault in the Love Rectangle

Bachelor in Paradise came back in top form this week, with some of our favorite cast offs from previous seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette making their way to paradise to take a second (or third, looking at you Blake and Rachel) swing at finding someone to love, and maybe even getting married right there on the beach.

It wouldn’t be a Bachelornation show if there wasn’t any drama though and the premiere gave us a love rectangle that picked up crazy speed in the final hour.


This rectangle is just getting started but its never too early to start pointing fingers. Let’s rank who’s to blame in this rectangle from least to most responsible for the drama.

Aven: Dude just rolled up before the credits. He hasn’t even met anyone besides Jesse Palmer. What he does next week after he determines what is going on will be a crossroads for him.

Olivia: She’s the victim here. Some will say that the flirting about the toe sucking makes her responsible for some of the tension, but this is Paradise. How do you expect her to meet anyone? We watch dozens of Bachelor and Bachelorette singles go home every year because they don’t do anything.


Kylee: She’s the most wanted woman in paradise. The first four guys on the beach mentioned her during their confessionals and interviews. Still, she understood what was happening and still made her date choice. That’s why she’s here.

Will: This guy. He’s the problem. Dude starting talking about how Olivia smelled and made a beeline towards her. He was aggressive and got his kiss. And then made a play for Kylie. Now, Aven is here and he’s already burned one relationship and is a distant second to another. He deserves whatever grief heads his way. Slimeball stuff.

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