Gen V: Messaging on super powers and self mutilation can’t be ignored

There is something uncomfortable playing in the background of Gen V, and in the real world it’s straight up dangerous and very tragic. The show airs a disclaimer beforehand about self harm. That’s what we’re talking about here. And in an age where mental health awareness is justly on everyone’s mind, there is also another message being relayed here.

If you’ve seen the show, you know I’m going to talk about Emma and Marie.

We’re going to lead with Emma because it’s terribly disturbing to watch. Emma can shrink. She does this on social media to fight gerbils and it’s made her an influencer. But in order to shrink she has to throw up. Its a bulimia trade for a super power.


The show’s lead protagonist, Marie, brings this up to her, only to be reminded by Emma that Marie has to cut her hands and bleed, to use her superpower of shaping her blood into different objects.

It doesn’t even stop there. We’ve got Cate, the mind controller who runs the risk of having an aneurysm when she springs into action.

And this isn’t an afterschool special. This is the effing The Boys universe where they don’t tap you on the shoulder and say it’s bad.

They make you watch a kind character throw up for the purpose of sexually pleasing her dirtbag hook up, so that she can make his junk appear bigger by climbing on top of it.

Yeah, par for the course.

The show isn’t trying to make a statement. Its just a reminder that things can get pretty *bleeped* up sometimes, even if you have superpowers.

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