The Continental: Why the world building isn’t working like the John Wick movies

We’ve spent about three hours at The Continental, the Peacock action series pulled from the world of John Wick. And if you didn’t show me the subtitles between some of the characters, I would struggle to even recognize it took place in the same universe.

When you sit down to watch a John Wick film, you want Keeanu Reeves, clever action and mythology, and a really sharp aesthetic.


Aside from the look of some of the sets, you can’t really say that the Continental is accomplishing any of that. In fact, we haven’t really spent any time inside of the location that the show is named after.

We’ve spent time in a karate dojo in Chinatown that we don’t care about.

We had some character building about a cello player that wanted to go to Ireland.

And we’ve spent time trying to figure out why this cop is dating a married man way beneath her, in a story that could really be eliminated altogether. It hasn’t served a purpose.

The frustrating thing is that the show does glance over some of the things that we loved about the movie, but only for a moment before it serves us another heeping scoop of filler.

Our Adjudicator, the most fascinating person on this show has had three brief scenes in three hours. Our Bowery Queen came on screen long enough for us to make the connection and then threw us out. Our Hansel and Gretel hitman team didn’t do anything this week.


I don’t know. Its possible showrunners were in way over their heads on this one. Maybe they’re saving their budget for the assault on the Continental with this boring team that I don’t care about.

There is time to save this thing, but I’ve just been bored. And for a show built on such an exciting premise, it’s been a disappointment up to this point.

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