The Golden Bachelor: We see some really hard times coming

Yes, it’s The Golden Bachelor and the story of Gerry Turner, who’s trying to find romance again after losing the love of his life is lifting up Bachelornation with an optimism we haven’t seen in some time.

Yesterday, we wondered if the show would venture down the dramatic route the way it does on other seasons of the Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and judging by the teasers we saw after the premiere last night, the answer is a resounding yes (story HERE).

Some dark times are coming and all of the singles we met on the premiere this week are going to go through the emotional ringer like the rest of the Bachelor veterans.


You could argue it’s in the job description if we’re being completely honest.

One of the hardest early angles of the reality of this reality television experiment was watching the first singles that didn’t get a rose during the ceremony.

Many of them couldn’t secure their time with Gerry. And in the Bachelor universe time is currency. If you don’t speak up you’re going to go home and we were reminded of that last night. Even with this remarkably likable group.

And a lot more unpleasant reminders are coming.

It looks like Gerry might have to take back a rose. That’s always painful and usually there is some malicious or clumsy behavior that justifies taking back a rose. That doesn’t seem like it will bounce well here.


We also hear Gerry telling Jesse that he’s going through the toughest time since his wife died. That’s powerful.

Get ready. That Bachelor/Bachelorette drama that has created one of the most engaged social media followings out there could reach unprecedented heights.

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