Gen V: “Waterworld” and in one ear and out the other

Episode 3 of Gen V wraps up the Prime Video rollout of “The Boys” universe super hero college spinoff and there is a lot of extra material thrown out there.

We’re going to lead off with Sam and his love for “Water World”. The movie is almost 30 years old so many of you won’t remember the hype behind one of the biggest summer movie failures in history.

Kevin Costner, still riding high off of “Dances with Wolves” but decades before Yellowstone, gave us a movie that takes place on a world covered with water. He plays the Submariner, a trader of dirt, who can also breath underwater. Like everyone else in existence he dreams of finding dry land and fresh water, which would bring change to his life of drifting around the ocean and drinking his own urine.

Yeah, it bombed pretty bad. It wasn’t a good film. It would also kick off something of a slide for Costner. He tried the post apocalyptic thing again in The Postman and things got a little slow for him until Mr. Brooks (the real inspiration for Dexter if you ask me) which came out over ten years later.


Let’s talk about Emma’s rescue mission to get to Sam. She kills a guard after he attacks Sam during an inspection. In her shrunken form she climbs into his ear, burrows through his brain and comes out the other end. This is “The Boys” we’re talking here, so not many of us flinched. And it technically wasn’t even the worst death by a small person in the franchise. Real ones know exactly what I’m talking about. Emma is my favorite character on the show so far.

What do you think of Gen V three episodes in? Let me know in the comments.

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