The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained 9/30/23: Root Beer, Gas, and Buckeyes

As the calendar turns from September to October, your The Dozen Daily Trivia quiz wasn’t as tough as in previous days, but still posed enough of a challenge to make us think.

How did you do, Frank? I missed three. Haven’t had a good week all things considered.

Let’s break it down.

Subject: NFL

While known primarily as an Eagle, Randall Cunningham started at QB for this present-day NFC North team that went 15-1 during the 1998-1999 season.

Answer: Minnesota Vikings

Explanation: This team was scary good. Randy Moss, Chris Carter, Robert Smith. So many weapons.


Subject: College Football

Originally the third-string QB entering the season, who started at QB for Ohio State during the 2015 CFP National Championship game, leading them to a 42-20 win over Oregon?

Answer: Cardale Jones

Explanation: Got it wrong. Completely blanked. Reckon only Buckeye fans were tracking this one right.

Subject: Soccer

The 2010 World Cup Final featured two countries who had never won prior, eventual winner Spain and this European country in their third-ever World Cup Final.

Answer: Netherlands

Explanation: Got it wrong. If I remember it was a good game though.

Subject: History

In 2023, what West Coast state lifted a 72-year ban on self-service gas stations, leaving New Jersey as the only state where it’s illegal for drivers to pump their own gas?

Answer: Oregon

Explanation: I’ve been to Oregon. If you haven’t then you had three states to pick from. You still had a decent shot.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Vin Diesel and Jesse Plemons

Explanation: Got it wrong. I knew Jesse Plemons because he’s married to Kirsten Dunst, who I’ve adored for years. But guessed Bruce Willis for the other part.


Subject: Beverages

Owned by PepsiCo since 1986, what is the name of the Root Beer brand that features a cool bulldog as part of its logo?

Answer: Mug

Explanation: It’s either A&W, Barqs or Mug. Mug has the bulldog.

Subject: Television

Following The Sopranos, Edie Falco earned 6 Emmy Nominations for her lead role in this Showtime medical dramedy that ran from 2009-2015.

Answer: Nurse Jackie

Explanation: This is a TV blog. Still, I followed Falco after Sopranos and she was always on the awards circuit.

Subject: Movies

This 1985 mystery comedy based on a board game of the same name starred Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, and Christopher Lloyd.

Answer: Clue

Explanation: Ain’t too many movies based on board games. It’s this or Battleship which was made in the early 2010s. It’s actually an amusing movie too.

Subject: Music

Known for her song “Pieces of Me”, this singer had an infamous lip-synch incident on Saturday Night Live in 2004, ending with her doing an awkward jig as she walked offstage.

Answer: Ashlee Simpson

Explanation: Once again. TV. But this was a mortifying moment for Simpson. And she never truly recovered. You can watch it below..

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