The Five Biggest Lies about Blogging heading into 2024

Yeah, I’m down on blogging. I’ve been doing it for 15 years and have nothing solid to show for it. It’s been a waste of my life.

This is why I get upset when I see some wannabe influencer on YouTube disillusioning desperate people with how they can get rich quick blogging. This is false hope and it can set someone who is struggling, up for failure really quick.

That being said, here are the five biggest lies about Blogging heading into 2024.

1. You can get rich off of ad networks: That is a lie. This blog is a few years old and because I blog about TV, I get some good traffic. Ad networks made me nothing when I ran them back in the day. So little, that they weren’t even worth slowing my site down for them. This is at best a distant secondary money mechanism for your blog.

2. People will buy any Ebook you put out: Big lie. And the same goes for a paywall too. Almost every bit of useful knowledge is available for free in most fields. Why are they going to give you their money? The answer is that they’re not.

3. Blogging builds valuable skills: Another lie. There is an excellent chance that you are a very capable communicator. Guess what? You were able to communicate before you started blogging. And as for finding work, this is an ultra competitive field and no matter how great you think you are, someone out there is better, and will do it for less money.

4. Artificial Intelligence isn’t a threat to bloggers: It’s not just a threat. It’s a Terminator T-1000 like threat. AI doesn’t get tired. AI doesn’t have to pay the rent. And the saddest part is that many readers can’t even tell if they’re reading material from a person or a computer anymore.

5. It will work if you just stick with it long enough: It’s been 15 years. There are no guarantees. I’ve never prospered by blogging. And I’ve watched those who have dedicated their time to learning something worthwhile catch up and pass me. All I can do is just sit back and dream that I would have picked something more useful.

Blogging is a waste of your life. Run. Run away fast and go learn a trade that will make you more successful than I ever was.

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ALSO all of the things I’ve could have learned that would have been better than blogging HERE.

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