Why veterans and everyone else should avoid blogging in 2024

Can I share something with you guys?

There are days where I wish I didn’t know how to blog.

It’s been 15 years since I’ve started blogging and it’s gotten me nowhere. This is a struggling blog. I’m doing it because I don’t know how to do anything else.

There were some good times. My first blog was in politics. I went on a seven year run where I hung out with governors, senators, and other politicians from all over the world. I was on the street everyday with a pulse on what was going on in my community. I was zipping from meetings to TV stations to more meetings to public speaking engagements. It was a blast.

But I wasn’t making any money. After some setbacks I sold my blog for peanuts. Countless hours dedicated to a project. And it was gone.

I floated from job to job, but I’ve always been a writer. And I started this blog. The traffic is solid because I write about popular topics. But it still doesn’t make me any money.

When I think about the years I spent blogging, and consider what else I could have spent that time on I get sad.

What can you learn in 15 years?

Medicine. Computer Science. The law. All wonderful and lucrative careers.

Then there are the trades. HVAC. Welding. Plumbing. You can make a solid living for yourself there as well.

What about other fields of knowledge? What about foreign languages? How many different ways can you use to communicate with other people after 15 years of study?

Heck. A bag boy at a grocery store can have their own store in 15 years. Maybe multiple stores.

Instead, I chose blogging. Where most of the time no one cares what you have to say, and with the walls of artificial intelligence closing in on us, there are some serious concerns to be had in an area where 98% of people already fail.

Thinking about starting a blog in 2024? Don’t do it.

Are you a fellow veteran that is thinking about blogging? Don’t do it. Take your GI Bill and go learn something that will allow you to take care of yourself.

Because this is a waste of time. And I wish I could go back in time and smash the computer I discovered blogging on.

It has wasted so much.

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