Gen V: Vought CEO Ashley Barrett ensures Godolkin is still safest campus

Gen V premiered over the weekend and it didn’t disappoint, with all of the over the top, take no prisoners, middle finger to the squeamish, take on what modern life would be if super heroes were real. And what a university filled with younger super heroes would be like in “The Boys” universe.

During the premiere, Luke “Golden Boy” Riordan, the number one ranked student at Godolkin University, discovers that Vaught is keeping kids prisoner under the school, including his brother Sam. He loses it, killing Professor Brink, and attacking Marie and Jordan, before taking his own life.

Enter Vought CEO and public relations flack extraordinaire, Ashley Barrett, in a new video to ensure that Godolkin University, where all of this is taking place is still safe.

“Golden Boy’s death was an isolated incident involving a chronic drug user suffering a full psychotic break. Remember that Vought News has selected Godolkin as the safest campus in America, seven years running. And the faculty prides itself on creating a safe space for every hero to thrive.”


Now, you can fact check that and things get a little blurry, which is why Vought and Ashley are so great in this stuff. Everybody was using drugs the night before the tragedy. And Golden Boy did go nuts. Why else would he act that way?

Ashley and the faculty know about the woods. But a max security prison is technically a “safe space”.

You can watch the video below. And if you haven’t checked out The Goldokin University website, it’s pretty cool. Link HERE.

And read the comments. It’s a running gag on YouTube to believe every Vought video that gets released.


And if you want to know why fans think Luke really went crazy, click HERE.

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