NFL: Rodney Harrison draws ire of SNF viewers with Zach Wilson comments

Despite the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the New York Jets 23-20 on Sunday Night Football, in front of a stable of celebrities, which included Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman, what everyone was talking about after the game was the heroics of embattled Jets quarterback, Zach Wilson, who nearly brought his struggling team back to defeat the Super Bowl champions.

But longtime NBC analyst and Super Bowl champion himself, Rodney Harrison didn’t see it that way, and was critical of Wilson following the game and during his interview with Chiefs defensive stand out Chris Jones.

“Looking at this tape, you got to be looking at this guy and saying ‘he’s garbage, we should be tearing him apart.”

But Jones complimented Wilson saying “This dude is special. You just got to give him time.”

“Wait, wait, wait. Did you say Zach Wilson is special?” Harrison asked and continued to be critical of the Jets play caller. “He’s not special.”

Social media disagreed and Harrison started trending under a negative sentiment.



If there were some positives from this conversation, it was that Chris Jones was lauded for not picking on Wilson and taking the higher road.

It’s also an encouraging site for Jets fans to see their culture sticking up for their quarterback after the season they’ve had.

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