The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained 10/2/23: Jim Carey, Bottled Water, and The Beast Incarnate

Here are your The Dozen Daily Trivia answers for Monday, October 2nd in the year 2023. It was a fairly easy quiz to start off the week. Much easier than in previous days.

How did you do, Frank?: I missed two. Only one had me completely stumped.

Let’s break it down.

Subject: NFL

Brock Lesnar left WWE in 2004 to pursue professional football and suited up in the preseason wearing number 69 for this NFC North team before ultimately being cut.

Answer: The Minnesota Vikings

Explanation: This was a thing back in the day. A pillar of the Ruthless Aggression era leaving for football. He’d fight in the UFC too. Lesnar has lived for sure.

Subject: NBA

Once compared to Blake Griffin, what Eastern Conference team selected Jan Vesely 6th Overall in the 2011 NBA Draft before lasting only three seasons in the league?

Answer: Washington Wizards

Explanation: Completely stumped. Don’t even remember the dude.

College Football

Before transferring to Delaware for the rest of his college career, Joe Flacco backed up Tyler Palko at this at-the-time Big East school in 2004.

Answer: Pitt

Explanation: Got it wrong. But when you hear Big East and it’s not basketball, you’re best off guessing Pitt. I should follow my own advice.

Subject: History

As the story goes, this President, the 27th in the history of the United States, was so large that he once got stuck in a White House bathtub.

Answer: William H. Taft

Explanation: In school, they tried to teach us forgetful presidents by giving them nicknames or pointing out memorable facts. This was Taft’s memorable fact.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: John Cena and Britney Spears

Explanation: My favorite wrestler and a teen crush. Wasn’t going to forget it.

Subject: Beverages

Created by Coca-Cola Brand in 1999, this bottled water brand, often with a green cap, is often ranked as one of the worst bottled water brands on the market.

Answer: Dasani

Explanation: I’ll never understand the hate behind Dasani. If anything we should dis it because its crazy overpriced.

Subject: Movies

This 1998 satirical psychological dramedy starring Jim Carrey received critical acclaim, including multiple Oscars and Golden Globe nominations.

Answer: The Truman Show

Explanation: This is a top 5 Jim Carey movie for me. And Laura Linney is also one of my favorite actresses.

Subject: Television

Michael J. Fox starred as Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty in this ABC sitcom for four seasons until his health forced him to leave the show in 2000.

Answer: Spin City

Explanation: This was a good show. It started with Fox and Carla Gugino and ended up with Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear. And the supporting cast was underrated.

Subject: Music

This rock band that got founded in Maryland in 1996 has popular songs on Spotify such as “Shattered”, “Love And Memories”, and “Hey Girl”.

Answer: OAR

Explanation: Of A Revolution. If you heard Shattered you would have known it for sure. “That was a crazy game of poker” is another one.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments below.

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