Loteria Loca: Craziness is most enjoyable during the two player game

Loteria Loca premiered this week, and if you watched it then you learned in a hurry that it is indeed craziness. There is a full band, the set is wild, and everyone is jumping around having a good time. Host Jamie Camil and bandleader Sheila E are solid.

You’re not going to have a clue what’s going on for the first five minutes but you’ll eventually pick it up and find yourself having a pretty good time. I know I did during for most of the premiere.


But the show does slip a gear at the halfway point.

Loteria Loca begins with two players racing to get bingo on their Spanish language cards. There are Loca Challenges to break things up and it’s an interesting sequence to follow.

The problem is when the game goes down to just one player. At least it was during the premiere.


Everything slowed down to almost a crawl. The game becomes much more strategic and with only one contestant, there is more banter which hinders the pace.

And then the commercial breaks just stop the momentum altogether.

I’m blogging about this because this is a channel changing risk.

If you’re watching a show and you experience this wild high for the first 20 minutes and then the action slows to a near stop, then you will watch something else.

Should you check it out? Yeah, watch the premiere. If anything you will appreciate the presentation, its over the top and fun to watch.

And hopefully, they’ll work this bug out. Because Loteria Loca is best when its at its most loca.

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