The Daily Dozen Trivia Answers explained 10/3/23: Books, Hockey, and Super Models

Your The Daily Dozen Trivia Questions weren’t too difficult for this Tuesday, October 3rd, aka “Mean Girls” Day to all who celebrate. It wouldn’t surprise me if we had a few perfect scores running around out there.

How did you do, Frank? Missed two. Was completely lost on one.

Let’s get to it!

Subject: NFL

After converting from quarterback to wide receiver, Terrelle Pryor had a season with over 1,000 receiving yards while playing for what 1-15 AFC team in 2016?

Answer: The Cleveland Browns

Explanation: Almost said the Oakland Raiders but remembered that they were never 1-15. Tough time for those Browns fans.

Subject: MLB

This Angels starting pitcher started and won Game 7 of the 2002 World Series as a rookie, then won additional World Series rings with the Red Sox in 2013 and Cubs in 2016.

Answer: John Lackey


Explanation: Many of us will have said Jon Lester. But I don’t remember Lester playing for the Angels. I did remember Lackey.

Subject: NHL

At only age 19, Rick Nash led the NHL in Goals in 2004 while playing for this Eastern Conference team, one that he’d play a decade for from 2002-2012.

Answer: Columbus Blue Jackets

Explanation: Got it wrong. Had no clue. Completely lost.

Subject: Books

With titles such as The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian, what author wrote the seven-novel series known as The Chronicles of Narnia?

Answer: C.S Lewis

Explanation: You probably read it in school. Highlighted by the dangers of accepting turkish delight from a stranger.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Chris Hemsworth and Melissa McCarthy

Explanation: Most of us think Thor with Hemsworth but he keeps his hair short a lot. And we see McCarthy in a commercial or movie almost everyday.

Subject: Snacks and Candy

Typically coming in yellow boxes with individualized pouches, old commercials for this liquidy fruit snack brand saw children’s heads turn into the fruit of the flavor they had just consumed.

Answers: Gushers

Explanation: Got it wrong. Probably because they’re gross and those commercials are scary.


Subject: Television

What famous German model was the host and judge of Project Runway for the first sixteen seasons from 2004-2017?

Answer: Heidi Klum

Explanation: Klum has been on TV forever. And she was part of that legendary group of Victoria’s Secret Super Models, which also included Giselle Bundchen and Tyra Banks

Subject: Movies

Before the success of the Deadpool films, Ryan Reynolds played a DC superhero in this 2011 film that was panned by critics and underwhelmed at the box office.

Answer: Green Lantern

Explanation: You were either unfortunate enough to remember Green Lantern or you saw the post credits scene in Deadpool 2 where he goes back in time and shoots himself to keep him from taking the part.

Subject: Music

Name this 2010 Taio Cruz song based on these lyrics: “‘Cause we gon’ rock this club. We gon’ go all night. We gon’ light it up…”

Answer: Dynamite

Explanation: Oh, 2010. Good times. This song was on all of the time.

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