Snake Oil: The Man Fork and Bond Heart

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Snake Oil was back with it’s second week of action, and David Spade had special guests Adam Devine (The Righteous Gemstones, one of FTRs most popular shows) and NBA basketball champion, Dwight Howard helping our contestants.

But we’re here for the products. Which ones are real? Which ones are fake?

Let’s break down the groups.

Group One:

The Studly Stud Finder: A studfinder that looks like a well built man.

Pigcasso: Paintings painted by a pig named Pigcasso at

Snake Oil:The Studly Stud Finder was a fake product made up by a motorcycle grandma.

Group Two:

The Man Fork: A fork designed for bigger, manlier bites at

Turners Matress Turners: A mattress turning service that appears every 6 to 9 months.

Snake Oil: Turners Matress Turners. It fooled the contestant. This actor was solid and even played the VA card.

Group Three:

Fridge Lok 2.0: A fridge that locks you out from your junk food if you’re on a diet.

EyeBandz: Head/Hair bands that are also eyeglasses at

Snake Oil: Fridge Lok 2.0, it figures, not all junk food goes in the fridge.

Group Four:

Bond Heart: A pendant that allows you to store and feel your loved ones heartbeat at

Chili Con Carnivore: A chili featuring exotic animal proteins including alligator, kangaroo, and ostrich

Snake Oil: Chili Con Carnivore Adam Devine was tracking this from the jump. And the answers to the questions didn’t add up.

The Snake Pit: Five Products! (FYI I am an Amazon affiliate)

Knob Hoodies: Hooded sweatshirt for your car gear shift available below

That’s Our Baby: A DNA test service that uses saliva samples to make pictures of a hypothetical baby girl or boy from two people.

Re-Timer: Light therapy glasses that can help you recover from jetlag. Available at Amazon HERE

Miss Fortunes Cookies: Funny fortune cookies or “Fortunes against humanity”

Sub Soccer: An undertable soccer game. And they’e actually got a Snake Oil promo code at

Snake Oil: That’s Our Baby. Devine and the gorgeous firefighter contestant guessed Re-timer in a heartbreaking loss. I was rooting for them.

Great show! I’ll see you next week!

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