The Masked Singer: As expected the Diver was this reality TV star

Our latest episode of The Masked Singer’s 10th season was NFL night, and as football season hits it’s full stride, we said goodbye to a controversial figure who’s decisions have led to programming backlash across multiple networks.

Let’s not waste anytime. Here are the Masked Singers.

The Cow: The clue package showed us they’re a parent with a distant father, and a past involving boxing and tap shoes. They sang “Treasure” by Bruno Mars to mostly positive reviews. Robin guessed Ne Yo or Trey Songz. Jenny guessed Nelly (who’s performed at a Super Bowl). Nicole guessed Jason Derulo (of course the joke is that Derulo would say his name before he sings).


The Gazelle: Clue package illustrated a triple threat star with a surfboard. She sang “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry to positive reviews. Antonio Gates brought a clue on stage which was a football that said “Villain”. Jenny guessed Leighton Meester. Ken tearfully guessed his friend Constance Wu from “Crazy Rich Asians”.

S’More: had a cauldron and high school opportunity in his clue package, and mentioned hitting it big on Broadway and making peace with his dad. He sang “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon Five pretty well. DeSean Jackson presented the additional clue of oranges. Nicole guessed JC from NSYNC. Robin went with a different boy bander in Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys. Ken guessed Simu Liu from Marvel and Barbie.


The Wildcard was The Pickle: His package had a Joker card and a classroom featuring himself as bad boy athlete. He’s worked with Tarantino, Scorsese and Martin Short. He sang “Pinball Wizard” by Kanas. The additional clue was on “on air” sign. Robin guessed Craig Kilborn and Dax Shephard. Jenny said Conan O’Brien, Ken was convinced it’s Howard Stern.

The Diver was eliminated and revealed to be Tom Sandoval: “Scandoval” which originated on The Vanderpump Rules has spread here to the Masked Singer, Dancing with the Stars with his ex Ariana Madix, and Special Forces where Sandoval is also a contestant. He sang a respectable “I ain’t worried” number but not enough to save him.

Ken Jeung had him tracked the entire way. Season Ken indeed.

What did you think of Tom Sandoval getting made? Let me know in the comments.

Plus: Is FOX redeeming Tom Sandoval? story HERE

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