Bachelor in Paradise: Hannah Brown level is where everyone is trying to be

If you were watching Bachelor in Paradise this week, then you witnessed what happened when Hannah Brown walked out on that beach. It was the romantic reality show equivalent of Godzilla emerging from the beach.

Everyone freaked out. They were all prepared to leave who they were currently attached to. Hell, Cat was prepared to sacrifice Brayden to the “Taylor Swift” of Bachelornation.


Then get this. She starts pulling guys from the group and interviewing them in pairs, like a McDonald’s after the pandemic. And these guys are prepared jump as high as she wants them too.

After that, she nonchalantly tells everyone she’s not dating. Holds some demented truth or dare QA at the beach at night, leaves most of the couples in chaos and leaves.

It was an impressive flex. Here’s why everybody was worshiping her.

Because she’s where everyone in this group is trying to get.

Yeah, love is nice. But they’re trying to get famous. Hannah Brown parlayed her popularity into a fame that has gone on for a few years now. She’s been a regular on ABC television. The Bachelor, a Dancing with the Stars Champion and appearances elsewhere too.

And if she would have stayed and dated, she could have picked whoever she wanted and taken that rose. Because the guys would get a chance to hitch on that star in front of this influential TV audience that always trends and is currently making a group of seniors more popular than they are.


That’s why they were freaking out. And if they could get a fraction of Hannah Brown’s success they would take it in a heartbeat.

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