Bachelor in Paradise: The drama free women got sent home first

We had our first rose ceremony of this season on Bachelor in Paradise this week, and with the guys giving out the roses, we only had one bachelor’s pick unaccounted for heading into the evening.

And it was Kat, Brooklyn, and Greer that were sent home after Pilot Pete chose Olivia, keeping all the grudges on the beach alive after Olivia told Hannah Brown she would have Kylee sent home, after the love rectangle which also included Aven and Will collapsed.

The problem is that Kat, Brooklyn,and Greer were some of the most drama free people in paradise and had a lot to offer.


Every person on the show is attractive. It goes beyond that.

But the now eliminated trio didn’t cause or get involved in any problems during their time on the program.

They weren’t a part of said messy love rectangle.

They weren’t part of the Aaron B. love triangle or any other problematic romances involving shapes.

They didn’t say anything wrong during the Hannah Brown ambush/siege which sowed problematic seeds for everybody else.

So what went wrong?

It wasn’t that they didn’t try.

Kat and Brooklyn talked to Pete before he decided to go after a spoken for Sam and picking a fight with Aaron S. Greer knew what she was facing going into the final day and tried to reach out.


It could be that the exact reason that they got sent home was because they didn’t cause enough drama.

Or that they didn’t approach a bawling Will like Mercedes and let him cry in her arms, becoming his third pick of the group in two weeks.

But hey, that’s the game. We’re here to get famous. Can’t do that if you’re not on TV.

Still, watch that last minute with a crying Greer leaving paradise, and look at who’s staying behind. Man.. I don’t know.

So, I’ll see you guys next week. Right?

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