Bachelor in Paradise: Why Sean was the smartest guy on the beach this week

The guys on Bachelor in Paradise didn’t have the best week on the show. While they had the roses and the power, they were sorely lacking the brains (especially letting Brooklyn, Kat, and Greer go home story HERE).

Let me explain.

Aven was pushed to the limit by a bottle cork. He’s certainly no Demi. I’ll tell you that.

Will fell in love for the third time in two episodes. He put all of his chips on Kylee, after ditching Olivia, only to find out Kylee likes Aven (the guy above who can’t open a bottle) more than him, and finally stay with Mercedes after crying.


Then there was Pete, who despite having the only free rose of the ceremony passed on Brookly, Kat, and Greer, looked at an already spoken for Sam, and felt like picking a fight with Aaron S by (checks notes) “Break dancing behind him, while he was having a conversation he was dismissed from”.

But the guy who did have it together was Sean. The man Brayden once compared to Prince Charming from Shrek (story HERE), summed up the Bachelor in Paradise game at this phase perfectly this week.


“We’re so early in this, no one should be turning down dates, or turning down conversations or feeling uncomfortable to go and explore things, because this paradise. And as confident as you feel in your connection right now it can all change in a second here.”

Boy, was he right. We’re only two weeks in and there was only one rose up for grabs.

The only problem is that Sean may have predicted his own difficulties. We’re getting new additions to the cast which our current guests said they wanted to meet. That will make for solid TV.

What do you think about the current couples? Let me know in the comments.

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