Your The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained: Frozen Food, Astros, and Scream

Your work week ending The Dozen Daily Trivia quiz wasn’t too bad. There should be a fair amount of perfect scores out there to propel us into the weekend.

How did you do, Frank?: Missed two. Which is like a perfect score for me.

Let’s break it down..

Subject: NFL

Prince Amukamara, David Wilson, and Evan Engram were all 1st Round picks by what NFC team during the 2010’s?

Answer: New York Giants

Explanation: Engram should have been the give away here. He was probably on your fantasy team at one point or another.

Subject: NBA

Robert Horry was a 7x NBA Champion, winning three titles with the Lakers, two with the Spurs, and two with what Western Conference team in the 1990’s?

Answer: The Houston Rockets

Explanation: Horry was on that Rockets team that played during the OJ Simpson chase. Hard to forget that game.

Subject: MLB

After totaling 21 wins in his first three seasons, this Houston Astros SP won 20 games and posted a 2.48 ERA en route to winning the 2015 AL Cy Young.

Answer: Dallas Keuchel

Explanation: Got it wrong. Next time I get an Astros question, I should have someone bang a trashcan.

Subject: Geography

Only trailing Alaska, this state West of the Mississippi had the second coldest average temperature in the United States in 2022.

Answer: North Dakota

Explanation: For me, I remembered “Fargo” and the unforgiving environment in both the films and TV show.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Timothy Chalamet and Gwyneth Paltrow

Explanation: Got it wrong. Guessed Chalamet but for some reason I was thinking Kelly Ripa.

Subject: Chain Restaurants

Along with their line of Whiskey Glazed BBQ ribs, burgers, and wings, this sit-down chain is known for its loaded potato skins that also take up space in grocery store freezer aisles.

Answer: TGI Fridays

Explanation: You haven’t been properly drunk if you’ve never waited for those potato skins to cook in your oven at 4AM after a rager.


Subject: Television

Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, and Christina Hendricks all had significant roles in this award-winning cable drama that debuted in 2007.

Answer: Mad Men

Explanation: This is a TV blog. Mad Men is one of the top two best dialog driven television shows of all time.

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Subject: Movies

What famous TV actress is also known for playing reporter and journalist Gale Weathers in all six films of The Scream franchise?

Answer: Courtney Cox

Explanation: Cox has been with me since I really got into TV and movies. In addition to Scream there was “Friends” “Cougar Town” and a bunch of others.

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Subject: Music

With nearly 3 Billion streams on Spotify, what Scottish singer-songwriter had a breakthrough hit with their 2018 song “Someone You Loved”?

Answer: Lewis Capaldi

Explanation: You know how when you wake up all this strange stuff is trending on Twitter aka X? That’s the only reason I knew this one.

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