The Daily Dozen Trivia Answers explained 10/7/23: Tigers, Marlins, and SNL

Your The Dozen Daily Trivia quiz was a little spicier for a Saturday outing, with some of the questions understanding exactly where to stop on the edge of your memory to keep you from getting the answers right.

How did you do, Frank? I missed three. And I wasn’t even close on two of them.

Let’s begin,

Subject: NFL

Former Heisman winner Mark Ingram rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season with two different NFL franchises, the Saints and what AFC team?

Answer: Mark Ingram

Explanation: His hype man talks for Lamar Jackson were a lot of fun.

Subject: College Football

While they didn’t win the National Title, the 2004 Auburn Tigers went a perfect 13-0, led by the RB duo of Cadillac Williams and this RB who got drafted 2nd Overall by the Dolphins.

Answer: Ronnie Brown

Explanation: Great question. I got it wrong. My brain kept wanting to move towards Cedric Benson, who played for Texas.


Subject: MLB

Culminating in a famous home plate collision between Ivan Rodriguez and J.T. Snow for the final out in a 1-run game, what NL West team did the Marlins defeat in the 2003 NLDS?

Answer: San Francisco Giants

Explanation: I gussed the Padres. As a Cubs fan, I can sure tell you who the heck the Marlins beat in the NLCS that year.

Subject: Books

Author E.B. White is most known for writing what famous children’s book that’s gotten multiple adaptations, including a 2006 film starring Dakota Fanning?

Answer: Charlotte’s Web

Explanation: EB White is the giveaway. I don’t remember the movie.

Subject: Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Bill Hader and Josh Hartnett

Explanation: Got it wrong. That doesn’t even look like Hartnett.

Subject: Beverages

“Australian for Beer” is the tagline for what Australian lager brand typically packaged in thick blue cans or tall wide bottles with blue wrappers?

Answer: Fosters

Explanation: “I promise I’m only going to have one beer tonight, sweetheart”


Subject: Television

Who has been Colin Jost’s co-host on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update since joining the desk in 2014?

Answer: Michael Che

Explanation: This blog reviews SNL. And the last two seasons they’ve actually been pretty good.

Subject: Movie

“Show the money!” is a famous phrase from what 1997 Oscars Best Picture nominee starring Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Renée Zellweger?

Answer: Jerry Maguire

Explanation: Probably the funniest scene Tom Cruise has acted in.

Subject: Music

The #1 song on the 2006 Billboard Year-End Hot 100 and prominently featured in the losing montages on American Idol, what artist released the song “Bad Day”?

Answer: Daniel Powter

Explanation: Yeah, I got lucky with this one. You guys probably remember the chorus the most. That’s how I got it.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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