The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained 10/9/23: Portugal, Iggy, and Woody Harrelson

The Dozen Daily Trivia quiz for your Monday, October 9th, was about as middle of the line as you can get with some questions testing your pop culture memory and others, names of athletes you haven’t heard in years.

How did you do, Frank? Missed three. We’ll try and do better next time.

Subject: NFL

After an All-American career at Kansas State, this WR caught 69 TD’s with the Packers from 2008-2017 before ending his career in 2018 with the Raiders.

Answer: Jordy Nelson

Explanation: For the second time in less than a half hour, I get to confess I’m a Packers fan. They play the Raiders on Monday Night Football tonight.

Subject: NBA

Nicknamed “Tuff Juice,” Caron Butler played for 9 different NBA franchises, but was a 2x All-Star while playing for what Eastern Conference team from 2005-2010?

Answer: Washington Wizards.

Explanation: I only remember him on the Wizards with Gilbert Arenas.


Subject: NHL

Taylor Hall and Nail Yakupov were each drafted #1 Overall by what Western Conference team that had the #1 pick three straight seasons from 2010-2012?

Answer: Edmonton Oilers

Explanation: Got it wrong. Not even close.

Subject: Geography

What is the capital of Portugal?

Answer: Lisbon

Explanation: This was a free point. We should all know this one.

Celebrity Mashup

Answer: Sandra Bullock and Conan O’Brien

Explanation: I guessed O’Brien and Jessica Chastain during her darker red days. I was wrong. I do miss Sandra Bullock though.

Subject: Grocery Products

Originating as a low-fat, low-calorie version of Stouffer’s products, Nestle now produces this brand of frozen dinners and entrees that has its name in orange print on each box.

Answer: Lean Cuisine

Explanation: Got it wrong. The only orange box I equate to the frozen foods section is Stouffer’s and that French Bread Pizza

Subject: Television

Will Forte earned multiple Best Actor Emmy nominations for his leading role in this FOX post-apocalyptic comedy series that ran from 2015-2018.

Answer: Last Man On Earth

Explanation: This is a TV show. And “Last Man” was also a hidden gem few people found.


Subject: Movies

Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson starred in this 2003 comedy film that was a box office hit and had supporting roles from Marisa Tomei and Woody Harrelson.

Answer: Anger Management

Explanation: You might also remember the TV show with Charlie Sheen.

Subject: Music

Iggy Azalea had two Top 5 Billboard Hot 100 hits as a lead artist in 2014, “Black Widow”, and what song featuring Charli XCX that spent seven weeks at #1?

Answer: Fancy

Explanation: The only Iggy song we remember almost ten years later and that was because of the Clueless video.

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