July 24, 2024

Special Forces World’s Toughest Test: Savannah Chrisley just wanted her parents out of jail sooner

Well, heck I certainly got that wrong.

I was quick to compliment Savannah Chrisley for her early competitive nature last week (story HERE).

But boy did she make me look stupid this week.

In episode three of this season of Special Forces World’s Toughest Test, all of Chrisley’s narrative was aimed at making a sympathetic case for her parents.

Todd and Julie Chrisley, both featured on the reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best” were both convicted of financial crimes and are currently serving prison sentences.

It felt like the entirety of Savannah’s message this week was concerning how tough her life was after her parents went to jail. She was trying to convince the court of public opinion that justice made her life more difficult and that’s not what this show is about.

Now, I don’t blame Savannah Chrisley for trying to get her parents out of jail sooner. What child wouldn’t work to get their mother and father home as soon as possible? Life is too short.

Its just that I felt like the show was telling me to feel sorry for these two very wealthy people, who were on television for an awful long time and are doing better than most of us will ever be doing.

Tom “Scandoval” Sandoval is at least owning up to his past problems. He’s trying to earn his way on the show (two shows if you include The Masked Singer).

I didn’t get that vibe from Savannah. I’m glad she’s gone, because it was never about passing the test for her. It was about making a statement that had nothing to do with what we’re watching this show for.

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