July 24, 2024

Special Forces World’s Toughest Test: Why the convoy test wasn’t a fair one

First off, Special Forces World’s Toughest Test is still good television. I’ve been entertained every week this season And I don’t expect a network TV show to be spot on military accurate.

But the criteria for the convoy test this week, where our candidates had to escort a vehicle past explosions and gunfire was a little off. And some of the candidates did what a lot of normal people would do.

For the test, the candidates had to withstand an attack while preserving the life of the principal (an escort task, really). The correct action according to staff was to exit your vehicle and retrieve the subject from their damaged ride and back to your vehicle for an exit.

Now, without training how were they supposed to know this?


When Jack Osbourne took off, leaving the last vehicle behind he obviously failed but some convoy operations call for laying down fire and speeding through the ambush as quickly as possible. Our guys were neither armed and they’re were only two vehicles. That’s not even really a convoy.

For the purpose of television, it was fine. The explosions looked cool and I was certainly not bored.

But showrunners need to make the reactions of staff a little more aware of what’s actually taking place.

Of course, they’re going to fail the test. They’re celebrities not soldiers. How are they going to know what to do?

With all of the other challenges, minus the rappelling they’ve been pretty mindful. But they missed the mark here.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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