An Open Letter to the Chesire Council requesting restoration of POW/MIA flags

The Chesire Connecticut Town Council recently passed an ordinance that required the POW/MIA flag to be removed from many of the locations in its community. There is space in the ordinance that would allow the flag to be flow if the location is considered a veterans memorial.

I’ve published a letter to all nine members of the council requesting either an amendment to the ordinance, or the proper designations to where the flag was previously flown. You can read more about the story HERE.

You can read that letter below..

UPDATE: Response to the letter has been very positive. Many of the members wrote me back and will be working to get the flag flying again. Thanks to everyone who reached out.

Dear Councilperson…

Tim Slocum
Don Walsh
David Borowy
Sylvia Nichols
John Milone
Sandy Pavano
David Veleber
Jim Jinks
Peter Talbot
and town staff..

My name is Frank Torres. I’m a veteran’s advocate from the Orlando area. I’m sending you this open correspondence because of the unfortunate situation involving the removal of the POW/MIA flag from your town’s undesignated properties.

I would urge you to work with the veterans in your community to designate the appropriate locations as veterans’ memorials to accommodate the POW/MIA flag.

There are often unintended consequences with local ordinances. It appears that might be the case here. It’s important that we work together to find solutions that will allow your community to move forward without disrespecting our bravest brothers and sisters from being able to honor those whom they care about.

It’s my hope that we find a solution that will allow the POW/MIA flag to once again fly in your community.


Frank Torres

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