Found: “Dexter syndrome” means both Gabi and Sir are bad people

The most interesting dynamic of the new NBC show “Found” is between “protagonist” Gabi Moseley and Sir.

Yeah, I used quotes for Gabi. I’ll get to her in a second.

But for the uninitiated, Sir kidnapped Gabi 20 years ago. And we learned this week that he also kidnapped Lacey as well. He’s a sicko, who made them recite lines at their fake family dinners and made them dress like little dolls. He’s a bad guy and should either be executed or in jail for the rest of his life depending on what you believe.


Then there is Gabi. She escaped Sir on her own. Now she runs an agency finding other missing people. She’s a rockstar in the media.

But the darkest (best) part of the show is the fact that Gabi keeps Sir locked up in her basement and makes her help him with her cases.

Now here is the big question.

“If Sir is a monster, then isn’t Gabi doing us all a favor punishing him?”

That brings us to “Dexter Syndrome”

You might remember Dexter. The serial killer who kills serial killers. The nastiest you can imagine. He used to drug them and ceremoniously execute them surrounded by pictures of that killer’s victims. Excellent TV (except for both endings, that’s a whole thing).

But we used to lose perspective that Dexter was a very sick person himself. He used to converse with his dead relatives.

Lowering yourself to the bad guy’s level is seldom the answer. That’s what Gabi is doing with Sir. If anyone discovers what Gabi is doing to Sir, then she’s going to jail too. As unjust as it may sound.


Pretty wild. Isn’t it? How clever writing can make us root for someone who is doing something wrong in the name of punishing a greater evil.

Good TV. See you next week.

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