Tennis Racket beating of homeless veteran is a Daytona Beach failure

Daytona Beach, “The World’s Most Famous Beach”.

And where they beat homeless veterans with tennis rackets, apparently.

That’s what happened earlier this year when a homeless vet was breaking into a car. The cops caught him, beat him with a tennis racket, and sicked the dog on him before tasing him (story HERE).

Now, the police have to defend themselves and veterans are not above the law.

But instead, we need to look at what happened here and acknowledge that the elected leaders of Daytona Beach have failed their veterans when they’re forced to live this way.

And in about a month, every politician in the state is going to jump on a float and brag about how they support us. When the truth is that most of them are there only for the photo opps.

They’re not there when we need them the most.

You look at the journey of the homeless veteran. It usually starts after they leave the military. They come home where they don’t have anyone to connect with. They fall into depression and start drinking. They stop caring. The bills don’t get paid and they end up on the street.

All that happens if they don’t kill themselves first.

And where is our community? Where are those politicians on the float?

They’re far away and completely unaware. That’s what Daytona Beach leaders are apparently doing.

And this isn’t just a Daytona Beach thing. It’s happening in Orlando too, where our mayor’s allies falsely and shamelessly declared that our homeless veteran problem had been eliminated HERE.

But it takes sad reminders like this one to prove that despite what Central Florida elected leaders are saying, we still have veterans who are suffering.

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